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Corporate Responsibility

Prologis' global approach to "Corporate Responsibility" comprises of three dimensions, "environmental stewardship", "social responsibility", and "ethics and governance".

Environmental Stewardship

As the leading global provider of distribution facilities, Prologis adheres to strict design standards and develops facilities that minimize environmental impact and maximize energy efficiency. In addition to practicing environmental stewardship through our development activities, we are also committed to addressing climate change and minimizing all major environmental impacts of our operations.

Social responsibility

While contributing to the local environment as well as community through the development of our facilities, Prologis is also committed to community engagement programs such as volunteer activities and donations related to education and human welfare, working to improve the well-being of our communities, employees, and suppliers.

Social Responsibility in Japan Social Responsibility Across the Globe

Ethics and Governance

Prologis is committed to working with integrity and ensuring effective oversight and accountability, through our governance policies and practices, and the creation of a "Corporate Responsibility Committee" on the Board of Trustees, while managing risk through our Global Compliance Department. To maintain world-class ethical standards, we conduct ethics training for all associates and executive leadership twice a year.

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