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CASBEE Certified Facilities in Japan

As a leading global provider of distribution facilities, Prologis is committed to serving customer requirements through the development of environmentally friendly facilities. Through our in-house engineers, we strive to develop energy-efficient buildings whilst minimizing environmental impact, and build in accordance with the accepted green building rating systems and or standards in all of our regions of operation.

CASBEE Certified Facilities in Japan

As part of the global initiative in the development of sustainable distribution facilities, aside from incorporating sustainable features into our facilities, Prologis strives to develop facilities that meet the standards of CASBEE - Comprehensive Assessment System for Built Environment Efficiency - for New Construction, the green building rating system in Japan.

Prologis Park Zama 1 and Prologis Park Ichikawa 1 were certified as CASBEE Class "S", the highest rank in this system. Additionally, Prologis Park Ichikawa 2 and Prologis Park Centrair were certified as CASBEE Class "A", and Prologis Park Osaka 2 and Prologis Park Maishima 4 obtained the certification of CASBEE Osaka Class "A".

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