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The copyright to all contents on this Website (including, but not limited to documents, figures, images and photos) belongs to Prologis.

You may use the contents on this Website only for purposes permitted under the Copyright Act such as quotation or non-commercial and internal viewing. With the exception of the above, the Company reserves all rights to the contents based on its copyrights, patent rights, trademarks and other intellectual property rights.

Links to this website

The Website is link free (but only to the top page "http://www.prologis.co.jp"), provided that you agree to and comply with the "Disclaimer and Link conditions" below and follow "How to link".

Disclaimer and Link conditions

Prologis is not liable for any troubles or actions for damage caused by the link to this Website Linking to this Website is not permitted if any of the following is applicable.

  • If the website linking to this Website is defamatory to Prologis, its affiliates, management team or employees.
  • If the website linking to this Website gives misunderstanding or misconception about the products or services of Prologis or its affiliates.
  • If the website linking to this Website contains illegal or potentially illegal content.
  • If the website linking to this Website contains materials which may be deemed obscene or harmful to public order and morals.
  • If the manner of link may cause ambiguity about the link to this Website (for example, this Website is displayed surrounded by originally created frame).

How to link

If you link to the top page of Prologis website (http://www.prologis.co.jp/), please follow below.

Link by Text

<a href=" http://www.prologis.co.jp/" target="_blank">Prologis</a>

Please use "Prologis" as a link name.

Link by Banner

Please download the banner below for the link.


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