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Prologis' Distribution Facilities Solution - Development and Acquisition

■Development - Build-to-Suit

Build-to-suit facilities are "tailor-made" facilities that meet specific customer requirements in terms of location, scale, and facility specifications. The build-to-suit development process involves close collaboration between Prologis and our customers, from identifying the right location, planning & design, development, to property management.

■Development - Multi-tenant

Prologis' state-of-the-art multi-tenant (multi-customer) inventory facilities are efficient and functional facilities that are strategically located in prime distribution hubs, whereby Prologis' in-house professionals are involved in the entire development process, from site selection, planning & design, construction management, to property management.

In order to increase functionality and efficiency in our multi-tenant facilities, we have introduced spiral ramps allowing large-sized trucks and 40ft. container trailer trucks direct access to each floor. Moreover, as part of our global initiatives in sustainable development, we have installed seismic isolators, increased greenery, and implemented a number of sustainable features in our facilities. An employee-friendly working environment is another area in which we are focused on, providing restaurants, convenience stores and other features within the facility.

■Prologis' Solution for Distribution Facilities - Acquisition

A number of companies are now faced with maximizing value for their real estate, in the ownership, sales and or effective utilization of their real estate in line with their mid-to long terms corporate strategy. As a global provider of distribution facilities, Prologis offers various solutions for our customers' distribution facilities strategy, including acquisitions.

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