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Prologis' initiatives in sustainable development

Prologis is committed to being the leading global provider of sustainable distribution facilities. We are broadening our focus beyond simply "sustainable development" to encompass all three dimensions of sustainability: environmental stewardship, social responsibly and business excellence.

Sustainable Development

Prologis develops sustainable distribution facilities throughout the world. Those "green" facilities are also friendly for the workforce of the facility. Below are sustainable features at Prologis Parks in Japan.

Prologis SustainabilitySeismic Isolation System

Prologis' patented "pile-top seismic isolation system" is implemented in some of our major large-scale state-of-the-art multi-tenant facilities, minimizing the potential damage of the building as well as goods stored in the facility in the event of an earthquake, and most importantly, securing the safety of the employees working in the facility.

By adopting both the precast concrete construction method and seismic isolation system, it is estimated that we will be able to reduce the amount of CO2 and Life Cycle CO2 emissions by 12% annually. Prologis was recognized for the precast concrete and seismic isolation construction method and received the "Logistics Environmental Technology Development Award" from the Japan Federation of Freight Industries in 2008.

-- Prologis' facilities with seismic isolation system --

Prologis SustainabilityUtilization of Renewable Energy

Prologis is utilizing renewable energy installing wind turbines and photovoltaic systems to some of our major facilities throughout the world, utilizing the generated energy source for lighting up the footlight and other external lights, powering the ventilation and air-conditioning system, irrigation, etc .

In Japan, three facilities are equipped with the wind turbines and our first installation of a photovoltaic system will be completed in mid 2009 on the rooftop at Prologis Park Zama I.

-- Prologis' renewable energy projects --
Photovoltaic System
- Prologis Park Zama I
Photovoltaic System - Prologis Park Zama I

Prologis SustainabilityEnhanced Greenery and Recreational areas

Enhancing greenery on site as well as on the roof-tops of our facilities contributes in the reduction of CO2 emissions. Also, by taking advantage of the landscaping initiatives, we have created recreational space and or areas outdoors whereby the people working in our facilities can relax during their lunch breaks.

-- Prologis' facilities with enhanced greenery and recreational areas --
Waterfront Walkway
- Prologis Park Ichikawa I
Waterfront Walkway - Prologis Park Ichikawa I

Prologis SustainabilityRainwater Recycling

Some of larger facilities are equipped with a rainwater recycling system whereby rainwater is collected into a retention tank, filtered and then utilized to water plants and greenery on site, in addition to flushing toilets in the restrooms of the facilities.

-- Prologis' facilities with rainwater recycling system --

Prologis Sustainability"Carbon Eating" Photo Catalytic Pavement

The coating applied to the asphalt pavement of our facilities purifies the air through a catalytic pavement, absorbing the NOx (nitrogen oxides) exhausted by cars and trucks, washing the NOx away through a chemical reaction caused by rain. Additionally, the "carbon eating" pavement contributes in reducing the heat-island effect.

-- Prologis' facilities with photocatalytic pavement --

Prologis SustainabilityUse of Recycled Materials

Prologis utilize carpets, tiles, parting boards, glass wool, interlocking paving, etc made out of recycled materials in most of our distribution facilities. Additionally, through the use of local materials, Prologis strives to support the local economy and reduce distance traveled to source materials.

Utilize natural rubber tiles at the restaurant
- Prologis Park Maishima III
Utilize natural rubber tiles at the restaurant - Prologis Park Maishima III
Utilize local materials
/Tokoname ware
- Prologis Park Centrair
Utilize local materials / Tokoname ware - Prologis Park Centrair

Prologis SustainabilityCASBEE Certified Facilities

CASBEE stands for Comprehensive Assessment System for Building Environmental Efficiency and is the most commonly used green building rating system in Japan - its process for certification is very similar to BREEAM in the United Kingdom and LEED in North America. To achieve Class A is very commendable, being the second highest ranking possible within the five rankings of the CASBEE system. Prologis Park Centrair and Prologis Park Ichikawa received CASBEE (nationwide) Class A certification, and Prologis Park Maishima II and Prologis Park Osaka II received CASBEE (Osaka) Class A certification.

-- CASBEE certified facilities --

CASBEE class A

CASBEE Osaka Class A

Prologis SustainabilityStandard Specification of Prologis Parks in Japan

Insulated steel panels are used in most of the exterior wall of our facilities. Compared to the standard ALC (autoclaved lightweight concrete), the panels improve the insulation of the facility by at least 3 times. Additionally, as part of our energy savings initiatives, we install motion detecting sensor lighting system for the common areas of our facilities, i.e. restrooms, kitchenettes, etc.

Insulated steel sandwich panel
- Prologis Park Narita III
Insulated Steel Sandwich Panel - Prologis Park Narita III
Sensored lighting
- Prologis Park Iwanuma I
Sensored Lighting - Prologis Park Iwanuma I

Prologis SustainabilitySustainable Working Environment

Prologis' facilities operate on-site restaurants and convenience stores to improve the facility's usability for the customer's employees. We also provide spaces for on-site nursery at selected large facilities.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate social responsibility is a core value of our sustainability commitment. We are engaging charitable activity where we are doing business and supporting the development of young people. Prologis continues to advance together with local communities as a good corporate citizen.

Prologis SustainabilitySupport for The Museum of Logistics in Tokyo

  • Every quarter, all our associates volunteer to create patterns of "vehicles for logistics" from cardboard that children could assemble and play with on logistics board games.
  • Donated logistics board games, puzzles, and other games which children play when visiting the logistics museum.
  • -- Museum of Logistics website --

Prologis' Associates Making Handicraft Kits for the Museum of Logistics
Prologis' associates making handicraft kits for
the Museum of Logistics
Logistics Game
Logistics game
Logistics Puzzle
Logistics puzzle

Prologis SustainabilityFacility Visits for the Local Community

Prologis hosts facility visits for school field trips as well as the local community to in the hope of raising awareness about the logistics industry.

Prologis SustainabilityWaseda University's Graduate School

Since 2006, Prologis has been sponsoring Waseda University Graduate School of Commerce's course called "Logistics Today" to support future development of the logistics industry and its human resource development.

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